Locks and Lifts

SKU Title Price
10895018 Casement Lock Drive Handle and Escutcheon Integrity Ultrex All Finishes $68.88
Sash locks Case Master Old Style Case-Master Casement Sweep Arm Sash Lock Parts $38.88
Tilt Sash Locks Keepers Marvin Double Hung Tilt Sash Lock and Keeper Set $0.00
Sash Lock Keeper Parts Casemaster Old Style Sash Locks and Keepers 1980's to 2000's $38.88
BB-PA.19 EntryGard Cam Lock $16.88
BB-PT.52 HomeGard Sash Lock $25.88
Marvin Parts New England Marvin Window and Door Parts New England Region $0.02
West Coast Marvin Parts [WEST COAST] Marvin Window & Door Parts: Marvin Parts Hardware for Casement, Awning, Single / Double Hung Parts | French Patio Door Hardware Parts $0.02
05600040 Magnum Triple Double Hung Sash Lift Obsolete Parts | Bright Brass Finish $102.84
10500558 Sash Lift Handle | Double Hung Window \ Single Hung | Bright Brass 10500558 $88.42
11896857 6 8 9 Integrity Glider / Sliding Window Hardware Parts - Sash Lock and Keeper White $40.44
BB-PB.10 Sash Lift For Single Hung Double Hung Horizontal Slider Glider Windows | Cabinet Doors $13.51
10818030 10840015 05600040 Magnum Triple Hung | Double Hung | Sash Lift Obsolete Parts | Bronze Finish $25.88
BB-PA.32 Trimline Cam Lock For Windows of All Brands $12.45
BB-PT.18 Non-Handed Sash Lock $22.87
STB-CL-01 Garage Door Parts Special Closeout 2507 Lift Handle $1.13
MWD-0321 Garage Door Lift Handles and Parts 42-36 Lock Handle $2.85
STR-1234 Garage Door Parts Lift Handles 42-37 42-39 42-36 $2.28
BB-PB.11 C Shaped Heavy Duty Sash Lift $6.10
BB-PA.48 Trimline Cam Lock with key lock $24.46
BB-RF.25 Locking Handle $21.26
BB-RI.29 Trimline Cam Handle Lock $14.83