Casement Replacement Sash Marvin All Wood

Price: $559.28


Whatever your needs! We can help with replacement sash units, picture and fixed units, casements, double hung aluminum Clad Units, All Wood Units - just let us know.

When ordering replacement sash parts there are some things we need from you. SASH OUTSIDE MEASUREMENT - 1. overall size outside width and height, call number or OM year of sash if you have it, 2. glazing or glass thisckness, 3/4" or 1" insulated glass, (IG) and 3. the finish, both inside and outside and SASH INSIDE MEASUREMENT - the inside  "clear glass" measurement. Now you'll understand why good digital pictures will also help us .. help you. We'll be glad to send our measurement info PDF to help you or your handyman with all this.  


Once we get your pictures and information we will determinae any number of issues and parts such as interior stops (W7045 and W7046), Type of Head Jamb Nailing Fin & Drip Cap, the proper Frame Weather Strip, V138, Head Jamb and Head Jamb Cladding, Sash Weather Strip Needed, V195, Top Rail Cladding, Top Rail, Screen Frame, Head Jamb Stop, W8461, Insulated Glass Type, Screen Mesh, Bottom Rail, Hardware Cover, W8459, Folding Crank Handles if needed, Bottom Rail Cladding, Sill Cladding, Connecting Barb, V803 and Folding Crank Handle and Cover if needed, Sill Nailing Fin, Sill Stps, Jamb Nailing Fin, Jamb and Jamb Stop, V1162, Astragal Weather Strip, V192, Astragal Cap, A215, Primary Sash Astragal, W9011, Secondary Sash Astragal, W3139, Stile and Stile Cladding, and Jamb Cladding.

SKU: MV-169-CM-2836