Egress Hinge Pair, Complete, [Stainless] Coastal CN 28, Opening 22 1/2" / 11869345

Price: $136.00


Egress Hinge Pair, Complete, Coastal Stainless, Complete Marvin Window Hinge Pair, CN 28, Daylight Opening Width 22 1/2" / 11869345 Hardware Includes:

2 − Hinge tracks
LL−UR − 10814862
UL−LR − 10814863
2 − Hinge arm assemblies
LL−UR − 10814866
UL−LR − 10814867
6 − #7x5/8 Phillips flat head screws (11800736)
8 − #8x1 Phillips flat head screws (11800896)

Means of Escape (Egress), Life Safety and Forced Entry - Originally, a window was intended to provide two things: light and ventilation. Today, various codes and regulations have required that a window provide more. Specifically, window units must also provide a means of escape for the occupant as well as prevent the forced entry of outsiders. The purpose of this note, therefore, is to demonstrate how our Egress Hardware can help your window provide all required and essential elements. Means of Escape - According to the International Building Code, “Basements and sleeping rooms below the fourth story shall have at least one exterior emergency escape and rescue opening. . . . Such opening shall open directly into a public street, alley, yard or court.” This “escape and rescue opening” can be a window, skylight or patio door, but it must meet certain criteria:

SKU: 11869345-CSTL-EGR