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When Ordering Obsolete Casemaster Parts Please Specify and / or Send Us Some Good Quality Pictures and Include the following information:  (1) type of unit  (2) description  (3) All Measurements  (4) year of manufacture (if possible).

NOTE: Standard hardware (unless noted) will be supplied with Yellow Zinc Dichromate (YZD) coating until stocks are depleted, E−Gard coated hardware will then be substituted. Components with “YZD” specified as the color are only available with Yellow Zinc Dichromate (YZD) coating. ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT ALWAYS TO SCALE UNLESS DIMENSIONS PROVIDED;

OLD OPERATORS HAD DIFFERENT ARM LENGTHS - Specify Length: 6 1/2" length (under CN 200 ; 9 1/2" length (CN 20) and 13 1/2" length (CN 24) and over; Single Arm Roto−Gear Units, Special Offset Arm Casements and Casemasters between 1976 − 1982; butt hinge and or radius or polygon shapes until 1990; Available in 3 arm lengths. Customer must specify arm length measured from center of roto−gear to end of the arm.


Availability of Colors and Finishes is Limited; 11801011, 05590212, 05590222, 05590312, 05590322, Outboard Casement Hinges, Top Riveted Casements before 1979 Bolted hinges no longer available; 1979−1982;  11800811, (LH), RH, 05590511, 05590521 Keeper, Sash Lock Used between 1979−1982. 


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