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QUESTION: How do I identify my product based on the glass etching serial numbers?

ANSWERS: Look for etchings on the product glass that look like this:


Line 1 Example:  CIG-6 04 -  In this example CIG represents Cardinal Insulated Glass, manufactured at plant 6 in 2004.  If the glass has been manufactured by  Marvin, this will read MWD (no plant indicator) 0x (yr).
 Line 2 example:  IGCC® CBA IGMAC -  Insulating glass certification abbreviations. IGCC®-Insulating Glass Certification Council, CBA-performance test rating,  IGMAC-Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association of Canada. 
 Lines 1 & 2 will appear on insulated glass only. 

 Line 3 example:  A04167132246.  This is the actual serial number line. Marvin standard product, windows and doors, the serial  number is unit specific, scanned during production and linked to the original order.  The SN will break down as follows:  A - manufacturing line , 04 - year, 167 - day of year – calculated field (# / 50=month, remainder=day) ex. = 3 R. 17 or March 17,  13 - hour (0-24),  22- minute (0-60) , 46 - second (0-60) -  NOTE:  This system insures that each serial number will be unique based on when the glass was manufactured.

Marvin MTO (non-standard product) windows and doors:  In this case the SN will be the actual order number/line number.

Integrity product:  SN is an Integrity generated part number based on the product, size, glass and other options.  This number will not link to the original order number.  As of April 17, 2017, Integrity transitioned to a serial number on the glass and identify as The Marvin Family of Brands.  This change provides a more consistent ability to identify the order and line numbers for all Integrity products as well as align unit identification processes with the Marvin products.

Infinity product:  SN is the actual order number/ line number.

Line 4 example:  NFRC 276 NFRC number.

Line 5 example:  MARVIN WINDOWS AND DOORS This will display the product type and will appear as one of the following:


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