Inactive [Dummy] Handle Set, Marvin Ultimate Sliding French Patio Door

Price: $171.72


Inactive [Dummy] Handle Set, Marvin Ultimate Sliding French Patio Door    

Wide escutcheon style is 1 7/8"W   x 12 1/2"H , and the Narrow escutcheon style is 1 3/8" W  x 12 1/2" H ; Please Note that all colors and finishes are not available in all widths; Models include Handles Non−Keyed  with interior thumbturn only, the Keyed Handle Set which has a keyway and lock at exterior and the Inactive Handle Unit ( Dummy ) that has neither function

Wide* 10830078, Antique Brass, 10830044, Satin Chrome, 10830108, Oil Rubbed Bronze, 10830025, ORBZ PVD, 10830081, Brass PVD, 10830082, Satin Nickel PVD
Narrow* Satin Taupe, 10830072, Dark Bronze, 10830204, White, 10830138

Standard Colors like Satin Taupe, Dark Bronze and White are ONLY AVAILABLE IN "narrow" style. Note that the more expensive finishes such as Antique Brass, Satin Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze ORBZ PVD*, Brass PVD* and Satin Nickel PVD* are only available in the "wide" 1 7/8" models. * PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, a process used to create the most durable, corrosion and tarnish resistant finish available. PVD finish are common today for hardware exposed to moisture, salt air and other environmental conditions.

SKU: Inactive Handle 10830