Marvin Double Hung Window Jamb-Liners 62" to 72" Long

Price: $288.88

Marvin Clad, Ultimate Double Hung, Balances, Jambliners, Balance Tracks, Jamb Carriers, jamb liner replacement systems, window jamb liner kits, double hung window jamb liners, jamb liner supply, cost of window jamb liner kit, vinyl jamb liner, aluminum jamb liner, window jamb extensions - Marvin Windows. Replacement jamb carriers include a pair of vinyl jamb carriers, jamb weather strip, foam plugs, top gaskets, pile weather strip and sash stops.Jamb carriers for standard units may be ordered by part number from the chart below. When ordering jamb carriers for special sized units, please provide the following information:




  • Provide original order number, when available.

  • Provide length (see Dimension A as shown)

  • Provide color (beige or white).

  • If unequal glass heights, provide both glass heights.

  • NOTE: Jamb carriers must be ordered in pairs.


SKU: Jambliner Replacements