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Price: $38.88


Marvin and Integrity by Marvin - window replacement screens, casemaster casement and awning replacement screen units, single hung, double hung window screens, sliding and glider window screens. When ordering replacement screens please specify as much information as you may have available such as the year of windows, type and model, part numbers, finishes etc. PricesObviously, PRICES VARY BY SIZE, QUANTITY AND OTHER FACTORS .. pricing start out at $ 38.88 in quantity.  




Please provide all information and answers to the following questions ..

Sizes? FOR EACH SCREEN - to the nearest 1/16"

INSIDE SCREEN MEASUREMENTS ( inside to inside of frame )     Short Side? ____   Long Side ____

OUTSIDE SCREEN MEASUREMENTS ( outer edge to outer edge )      Short Side? ____   Long Side ____

Frame Color:    Mill Finish , White, Bronze, Almond, Tan, Other?

Frame Thickness:  5/16" ,  7/16" _____ OTHER

Screen Mesh Type: Charcoal Fiberglass (Standard);  Fiberglass Gray ; Aluminum Bright (silver); Aluminum - Charcoal ; White Solar Screen or Charcoal Solar Screen

Spring Type:  Tension Springs (standard); Plunger Springs or NONE

Which Side Are Springs On?   SHORT SIDE      LONG SIDE   or  NO SPRINGS

Pull Tabs: Plastic Pull Tabs  or - NONE

Special Hardware: Loop Latches, Swivel Clips, or  NONE

Which Side for Special Hardware:   Longest Side  or Shortest Side

Crossbrace:  Across The Center of Longest Sides or other?

Standard Screen Service ( normal is 7-19  working days ARO )




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